Eco friendly Spice World uses green technology.


This land has given us a remarkable gift. We’re making sure we return the favor.

At Spice World we’re not only providing the freshest garlic, we’re also sowing seeds of change, sustainability, and accountability—so we can all have a healthier future. We’re doing everything we can to be socially responsible and as eco-friendly as possible. We use recyclable material whenever we can. We redesigned our packaging to be eco-friendly as well, which will save more than 4,000 trees, 500 barrels of oil, and 800 cubic yards of landfill space EVERY year!

Plus, with a processing plant on both coasts, we’re able to drastically reduce fuel consumption and transportation costs. Our state-of-the-art processing plants feature all the latest green technology, allowing us to operate more efficiently and capture the robust flavor of our fresh garlic even better. With our extensive distribution network, our products can be transported quicker from our plant to your kitchen, giving you a much fresher product. In addition, our massive, climate-controlled storage units keep our garlic fresher longer, so you can have that rich, savory fresh garlic flavor any time of year.

Today, Spice World is proud to be the #1 jar garlic in America's supermarkets, available in all 50 states and in national clubstores. Contact us for more information on where you can find Spice World fresh garlic! Ask us about our organic products too.

Dad was right. Hard work does pay off.


  • New packaging, made with green technology, saves more trees, oil and landfill space.
  • Coast-to-coast processing plants helps reduce fuel consumption.
  • State-of-the-art processing
    plants for more efficient
  • We use recyclable, eco
    friendly material when